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Store and transport your uni POSCA pens in this handy case that can carry up to 24 markers.

POSCA pens are a great investment that can easily get disorganised without a storage solution for them. This compact storage carry bag is a really convenient way to take you POSCA markers out with you whilst keeping them organised, accessible and accountable.

Note - This is just the storage case. Once you have this the real fun begins in filling it with your favourite POSCA pens which you can find right here at Colourverse.

Some of the great features of this carry case are:

  • Two seperate compartments that can hold up to 24 markers.
  • Convenient lockable zip (Lock not included).
  • Hard shell case to protect your precious markers.
  • Convenient carry handle.
  • Markers are kept secure, neat and organised with thick elastic inners that will keep them in place.

The dimensions of this carry case are: 275mm x 190mm x 60mm